Cloud Website Hosting Definition

Cloud Website Hosting Definition

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Actually, the real cloud website hosting platform serves distinct website hosting services like web space, mail, File Transfer Protocol, databases, DNS, statistics, web hosting Control Panel, backup, etc., on different groups of top-quality servers. Each different service pack makes a cluster. All the hosting servers in a cluster are dedicated to serving exclusively the particular service and nothing beside it. They will all run as one single server, sharing the service's load in practically equal proportions. If there is a real cloud website hosting service, there has to be: a storage space cluster, an email cluster, an FTP cluster, database clusters (MySQL/PostgreSQL), a DNS cluster, a statistics cluster, a website hosting Control Panel cluster, a backup cluster, and so on. All these separate service clusters will make the so-called cloud website hosting platform.

The immense cloud web hosting swindle. Very common now.

There is so much confusion revolving around about cloud web hosting at present. As you can perceive, cloud website hosting does not only sound perplexing, but in fact it is supremely perplexing. Most of the people are not at all aware of what cloud website hosting is. On the basis of this widely spread unawareness, the "cloud web hosting wholesalers" speculate feverishly, just to get hold of the client and his/her 5 dollars a month. What a shame! A great disgrace. This is owing to the fact that in the website hosting business there are no laws whatsoever. The domain name industry has ICANN. The web hosting industry niche has no such self-controlling institution. This is why the web hosting wholesalers speculate and lie blatantly (very bluntly, actually) to their clients. Especially the cPanel-based cloud hosting providers. Let's uncover how much cloud hosting they actually can provide.

The facts about the cPanel-based "cloud" web hosting traders

If a cPanel-based website hosting corporation has a cloud web hosting platform at hand, which is quite improbable, many web servers have to be paid for. Which is also not cheap. We will return to that at the end of this story. First off, let's find out what the cloud complications are. So, it's quite unbelievable for a cPanel hosting wholesaler to keep the cloud web hosting system at hand, due to the fact that building one takes years. Even when time and the provision of a highly qualified team are not an issue, lots of money has to be invested as well. Tons of cash. What's more, cPanel is not open source. That's a vast drawback.

The absence of open source cloud website hosting environments

There are no open source cloud web hosting environments. There are no open source website hosting CP user interfaces (working with the cloud web hosting system) either. So, to have a cloud website hosting platform at hand, first you must fabricate one. In-house. In the second place, you have to make the web hosting CP as well.

Single server-based website hosting CPs

Today's popular web hosting CPs such as cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, etc. are made to work on one web server exclusively. All hosting services (data storage, electronic mail, File Transfer Protocol, databases, DNS, statistics, website hosting CP, backup, and so on) are being served concurrently on one web server where these respective single-server web hosting systems and website hosting CPs are installed.

The absence of open source web hosting Control Panels

So, you must invent an in-house built web hosting CP that will run unproblematically and to accommodate it within the cloud system, as if it was an inherent part of it. Appropriate examples of custom devised cloud website hosting solutions with custom manufactured Control Panels besides us, at a-spps, are MediaTemple and FreeHostia.

Cloud website hosting hardware equipment charges

The minimum investment demanded, only for the cloud website hosting hardware equipment, amounts to somewhere between 60,000 USD and 80 thousand dollars. That's omitting the DDoS device, which is another 15-20,000 dollars. Now you realize how many cloud website hosting solutions can be chanced on out there... and, in particular, why the hosting sky is so azure... and almost cloudless!

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